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These Are Wheeling's Bravest

“All Hands Working” Attic Fire – 230 BLK Incline Ave (Mozart)

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Engine 4 Vacant House Fire

A full response of Wheeling Fire Department was sent to the 230 block of Incline Ave in Mozart late Tuesday evening 5/30/17 for the report of smoke coming from a structure. Engine 4 arrived on scene with C-3 and companies found heavy smoke in the attic of the vacant house. Crews made entry and found fire in the attic. Engine 4 took a hydrant and stretched lines into operation and attacked the fire. Crews also vented the structure. Companies made quick work of the fire and it was knocked down in minutes of the initial attack. They checked for extension and hit hot spots. Just shortly after midnight, all companies were clear.

“All Hands Working” House Fire – 3900 Blk of Wetzel Street

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Wheeling Firefighters were called to the 3900 block of Wetzel Street in South Wheeling early Wednesday morning (3/22/17) for the report of a structure fire. The caller said her house was on fire and she was out but she still had animals inside. Engine 4, stationed only blocks away, was on scene in minutes and found a 2 story wood frame house with fire showing. Duty Chief C-2 called for the 10-96 and made the incident “All Hands Working”. Engine 2, Engine 5, Ladder 1, Rescue 1, Squad 2, C-2, C-1 and Unit 90 also responded. Wheeling PD was also on the scene.

Companies made an aggressive interior attack, stretching 3 lines into the seat of the fire. They were able to knock down the fire quickly. They checked for extension and hit hot spots. 1 pet cat was rescued by firefighters.

“10-96” Structure Fire | 29th Street

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Wheeling Firefighters were called to 29th Street behind Dugger’s Grocery on the hill, for a report of a house on fire.

Stay tuned to WheelingsBravest.com for further details.

Companies on the scene: Engine 4, Engine 2, Engine 5, Ladder 1, Ladder 6, Rescue 1, Squad 2, C-1, C-2, C-4, Investigator. Wheeling PD for traffic control.

The incident was a 10-96, “All Hands Working” Structure Fire.

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