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These Are Wheeling's Bravest

“10-96” Structure Fire | Pike & Kenny Street

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North Wheeling РWheeling Fire Department was dispatched to a Structure fire on the corner of Pike & Kenny Street in the North Wheeling section of Wheeling on Wednesday evening at 22:18 hours. First arrival was C3 who reported light smoke coming from the vacant structures eves of the roof and quickly following were R1 and E2. The fire was found to be on the outside corner of the structure  and was quickly extinguished by the responding companies. C3 cleared all companies with a few minutes after the hot spots were extinguished and search for any possible extensions were concluded. This would be the second suspicious fire within two days of each other in the same area. Responding companies were as followed: E2 E5 L1 R1 C3 РWheeling Police Department assisted with traffic control.

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Our photographers are not paid employees of the City of Wheeling, nor are they firefighters with the Wheeling Fire Department. The WFD allows them to be on fire/rescue scenes, as long as they conduct their business in a safe and professional manner. The photos & videos are used for training purposes, to aid investigators, and to create a historical record of what happened for the firefighters themselves. Our photos/videos are also given to local news agencies. We do not sell them to the local news agencies. All Wheeling's Bravest Photographers wear vests/shirts that say Fire Photographer on them and our primary Fire Photographer wears an ID card to be identified.