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These Are Wheeling's Bravest

Rubbish Fire – 1800 Block National Rd

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Firefighers Trash Fire

Assistant Chief Harto C-4 was on the air in Engine 11’s district an observed a large column of black smoke in the area of the exit road of Wheeling Park, on the 1800 block of National Road. He advised dispatch that he was investigating. Moments later he called for Engine 11 to respond to the scene for a rubbish fire containing building materials and other garbage. Engine 11 arrived on scene in minutes and stretched one 1 3/4 inch hose line from their booster tank and extinguished the fire. Their crew used a pike pole to make sure the embers were out and dig through the rubbish to make sure there were no additional burning contents. Engine 11 and C-4 then cleared the scene.

“All Hands Working” House Fire – Sherwood Ave (Mil Acres)

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Mil Acres House Fire

Wheeling Firefighters were called to the Mil Acres section of Elm Grove Saturday morning for the report of a possible structure fire. Squad 2 arrived on scene first and found moderate fire showing from the door of the 1 story ranch wood frame house on the 50 block of Sherwood Ave. Prior to companies arriving, the report from dispatch was that the house was occupied and only 1 of the 4 residents were evacuated. Engine 11 arrived on scene shortly after Squad 2. Engine 10 took the first hydrant and hand drug the hose to the rig. Crews stretched lines and advanced into the house, after confirming all residents were evacuated. The main body of the fire was quickly knocked down. Crews continued to use their TICs and check for extension. Possible extension was found in the attic area and Ladder 1 opened up the roof for further ventilation. At the time of this article being published (04:51), companies are still on the scene and 1st alarm call outs are made. The city is under the command of Assistant Chief Harto C-4.

Oven Fire – Locust Ave (Woodsdale) 5/27/17

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Firefighters on porch of house

Wheeling Firefighters were called to a house on Locust Ave., in Woodsdale for the report of an oven on fire. Engine 10 arrived on the scene in about 1 minute, being located a few blocks away. Engine 2, Engine 5, Ladder 1, Squad 2, Duty Chief C-4 also responded. Companies found an oven on a self-cleaning mode that was filling the house up with smoke. Crews ventilated the structure using positive pressure ventilation methods with fans and by opening windows to remove the smoke. Companies worked on scene for about 30 minutes and cleared after the smoke was removed.

Small Porch Fire – Heiskell Ave. “C” Platoon

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Wheeling Firefighters were called to Heiskell Ave., in Woodsdale this morning for a report of structure fire. Someone driving past the house saw an electrical outlet sparking on the front porch. Engine 10, Engine 5, Ladder 1, Rescue 1, Squad 2 and Duty Chief C-4 of “C” Platoon responded to the call. Hydrant locations were at Heiskell and Poplar and Heiskell and Edgwood Sts. Engine 10 arrived on scene and determined there was a small porch fire. Ladder 1’s Captain used a saw to cut an access hole under the porch and crews stretched one 1 3/4″ attack hose line from Engine 10. After access was gained, crews were able to knock the fire down quickly. The resident was able to safely evacuate and seek shelter at a neighbor’s house. There were no injuries. Companies were back in service in under an hour. Fire Investigators determined that peat moss was smoldering causing the porch to catch fire.

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