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These Are Wheeling's Bravest

“All Hands Working” Porch Fire – 15 Vermont Street (Wheeling Island)

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House Fire - Island

Wheeling Firefighters from “A” Platoon were called to 15 Vermont Street early Wednesday morning (11/29/17) for the report of a structure fire. Engine 5 was first due and found fire showing on the porch upon arrival. Units made an aggressive attack and were able to bring the fire under control in under an hour. Engines 5 & 2, Ladder 1, Rescue 1, Squad 2, Duty Chief C-2, Fire Chief C-1, Chief Investigator C-8 responded and the 10-96 Chief C-4 was notified. Box Alarm move-ups were made city wide.

“All Hands Working” Kitchen Fire in House – 1901 Warwood Ave.

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Wheeling Firefighters from “C” Platoon were called to a duplex house on the 1900 Block of Warwood Ave., for the report of a kitchen fire on Monday 11/27/17. Engine 9 was first due and found fire and smoke showing. Duty Chief C-3 (who was on duty that day working for C-4), called for a working structure fire 10-96 and companies went to work. Units made an aggressive interior attack and Ladder 1 set up and made access to the roof to ventilate. All occupants of the duplex made it out safely. Companies were able to bring the blaze under control. Engines 9, 2, & 5, Ladder 1, Rescue 1, Squad 2, Duty Chief C-3, Fire Chief C-1 and Fire Investigator were on scene. Route 2 in Warwood was blocked off for several hours due to apparatus and hydrant hose while companies worked.

Contributing Photographers: Kerri Geisel, Aaron Varlas, Brittany Grego (WTOV 9)


All Hands Working House Fire – 2700 Blk Eoff Street 10/28/17

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Wheeling Firefighters were alerted to the report of a structure fire on Saturday afternoon October 28, 2017. 911 Dispatcher indicated there were multiple callers reporting heavy smoke from a house. Engine 2, Engine 4, Ladder 1, Rescue 1, Duty Chief C-3 were sent. Engine 2 reported heavy black smoke showing from the attic, moments after turning out from their firehouse. Duty Chief C-3 called for the 10-96 “All Hands Working” and box alarm move-ups were made throughout the city. Engine 5 was dispatched as the third due engine company also. Crews initially made an aggressive, interior attack with handlines, but were ordered out after about 5-7 minutes. Ladder 1 setup their bucket and knocked down the bulk of the fire to a point where crews could safely re-enter the attic and upper floors of the house to continue with the interior attack. All residents made it safely out of the house. Crews operated for about 2 hours and knocked down the fire, and then pulled walls and ceilings checking for hot spots and further extension.

Vacant House Fire – 105/107 S Huron Street

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vacant house fire

Wheeling Firefighters from “A” Platoon were called to a report of structure fire on Wheeling Island this evening, across from Smoker Friendly on South Huron Street. Engine 5 had heavy smoke in the area as they pulled out of their station and report heavy smoke and fire showing from the first floor of a 3 story wood frame. Engine 2, Engine 5, Rescue 1 (with a crew of 4), Squad 2, Assistant Chief C-2, Unit 90, PIO responded as well and C-2 called for the 10-96 “All Hands Working”. Box alarm move ups were made throughout the city.

Companies initially made an aggressive interior attack, attacking the fire on the first floor. The fire later extended, however and compromised the safety of crews working inside. Duty Chief C-2 made the call to move to exterior operations and put up the tower ladder (Ladder 1). Several deck guns on engine companies were in operation as well as ground satellite nozzles on 2 1/2 inch hand lines. By 20:30, the fire was declared under control and companies hit hot spots and did overhaul.

This residence was on fire also in March of 2017, when “C” Platoon made an aggressive interior attack and successfully knocked down the fire. The house is vacant. Unit 90 is investigating the cause as it is undetermined at this time.



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Wheeling Firefighters from “B” Platoon responded to a report of a structure fire near 13th and Wood Sts in East Wheeling Thursday afternoon. Squad 2 was first on scene and reported it was a fully involved 2 story wood frame house. Engine 2 was the first due engine company and took a hydrant. Companies made an exterior attack under the decision of incident commander C-3, for safety reasons and because the house was apparently vacant. Companies operated for several hours and were able to successfully put out the fire. There were no reports of injuries and the fire is currently under investigation. Engines 2, 5, 4, Ladder 1, Rescue 1, Squads 1, 2,& 3, Duty Chief C-3, Assistant Chiefs C-5 and C-8 were on the scene. Units 69 and 90 were also on the scene. The fire was on the upper east side hill of 13th Street.

Fire Alarm with Smoke Inside Building

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Wheeling Firefighters from “B” Platoon responded to a typical call today. Engine 11, Engine 10, Ladder 1, Rescue 1 and Duty Chief C-3 responded to 55 Lunez Ave., the YMCA Gym for the fire alarm activation. Engine 11 was on scene in under 2 minutes, be stationed less than 4 blocks away. What the companies found, for a fire alarm activation, was anything but typical. They found smoke inside the building. Dispatch upgraded the rest of the full response was to a structure fire response, responding with their lights and sirens on. Engine 11’s acting Lieutenant requested Thermal Imaging Cameras be brought in and they checked the inside of the building with the TICs. Crews made their way to the roof and it was determined that there was possibly an issue with the A/C units in the building. After some checking and determining it was safe, the occupants of the building were able to return inside. All companies cleared in under 30 minutes.

Structure Fire after Lightning Strike – 1100 Blk National Rd

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house fire ladder 1 wheeling

Wheeling Firefighters were dispatched to the 1100 Block of National Road, just across the street from Whisk Bakery and next door to Edgwood Lutheran Church in Woodsdale on Friday August 4, 2017 for the structure fire. Apparently, lightening had struck the house igniting it. Engine 5, Engine 2, Ladder 1, Rescue 1, Squad 2, Duty Chief C-3, Investigator Unit 90, PIO and Wheeling PD were on the scene of the fire. Crews made an aggressive interior attack stretching several hand lines into operation in addition to extending the bucket of Ladder 1 to the second story/roof area of the 2 story wood frame house. Companies were successful at quickly knocking down the fire and stopping any extension into the home. Stay tuned to @wheelingfd on Twitter for more from PIO Philip Stahl.

Rubbish Fire – 1800 Block National Rd

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Firefighers Trash Fire

Assistant Chief Harto C-4 was on the air in Engine 11’s district an observed a large column of black smoke in the area of the exit road of Wheeling Park, on the 1800 block of National Road. He advised dispatch that he was investigating. Moments later he called for Engine 11 to respond to the scene for a rubbish fire containing building materials and other garbage. Engine 11 arrived on scene in minutes and stretched one 1 3/4 inch hose line from their booster tank and extinguished the fire. Their crew used a pike pole to make sure the embers were out and dig through the rubbish to make sure there were no additional burning contents. Engine 11 and C-4 then cleared the scene.

“All Hands Working” House Fire – Sherwood Ave (Mil Acres)

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Mil Acres House Fire

Wheeling Firefighters were called to the Mil Acres section of Elm Grove Saturday morning for the report of a possible structure fire. Squad 2 arrived on scene first and found moderate fire showing from the door of the 1 story ranch wood frame house on the 50 block of Sherwood Ave. Prior to companies arriving, the report from dispatch was that the house was occupied and only 1 of the 4 residents were evacuated. Engine 11 arrived on scene shortly after Squad 2. Engine 10 took the first hydrant and hand drug the hose to the rig. Crews stretched lines and advanced into the house, after confirming all residents were evacuated. The main body of the fire was quickly knocked down. Crews continued to use their TICs and check for extension. Possible extension was found in the attic area and Ladder 1 opened up the roof for further ventilation. At the time of this article being published (04:51), companies are still on the scene and 1st alarm call outs are made. The city is under the command of Assistant Chief Harto C-4.

“All Hands Working” House Fire – East 1st Street – (North Wheeling)

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House Fire - East 1st Street N Whg

Wheeling Firefighters were alerted to a report of a structure fire on Friday evening, June 2, 2017. The fire was reported to be on East First Street in North Wheeling. Rescue 1 arrived on scene first with heavy fire showing from the the roof and C-3 ordered the incident to be made 10-96 or “All Hands Working”. Engine 2 arrived on scene as the first due engine company and took a hydrant and stretched multiple hand lines into operation. The house was reported to be occupied and Rescue 1 performed a quick search with negative results. C-3 ordered the exterior attack. There was heavy fire in the attic area and top floor. Crews worked for several hours and were succussfully able to bring the fire under control. They hit hot spots and checked for further extension. Companies on the scene were Engine 2, Engine 5, Engine 4, Ladder 1, Rescue 1, Squads 1, 2 & 7, Unit 90 Investigator, PIO, Duty Chief C-3, Fire Chief C-1 and Wheeling PD. “B” Platoon was on Duty with several “A” Platoon call outs.

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