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The Unofficial website about the Wheeling FD. We're here to promote the work of the Wheeling Firefighters and give them a service they can be proud of.

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This site is not an "official" City of Wheeling website. Any official department business should be directed to the Wheeling Fire Department office at 304-234-3776. The content provided is believed to be an accurate representation of the Wheeling Fire Department. This site is a tribute to the firefighters who serve the City of Wheeling and other area departments. No city funds were or are used for this website.

These Are Wheeling's Bravest


Welcome to WheelingsBravest.com! The Unofficial website about the Wheeling FD. We’re here to promote the work of the Wheeling Firefighters and give them a service they can be proud of. We are your source for all the Fire, Rescue and EMS news about the Wheeling Fire Department.

City of Wheeling, WV

Marsh Wheeling Stogies Sign

Wheeling is a small city in an area of 16 square miles in the northern panhandle of the state of West Virginia. We are an hour south of Pittsburgh, PA and two hours east of Columbus, OH. The Wheeling Fire Department proudly protects the lives and property of its 28,000 residents and provides mutual aid to volunteer departments, when needed, in Ohio County and it’s neighboring state, Ohio.

Wheeling FD Overview

WFD Fire Scene

The Wheeling FD is comprised of 7 firehouses with 8 Engine companies, 2 Truck companies, 1 Heavy Rescue company, 4 Paramedic Squads, 1 Fireboat, the West Virginia Regional Response Team Truck and Squad companies, and multiple support and administrative vehicles and units. The primary station locations include Centre Wheeling, North Wheeling, South Wheeling, Wheeling Island, Warwood, Woodsdale and Elm Grove. The WFD handles an average of 18 calls per day and responded to 6,656 calls in 2016.

Latest Updates: November 29, 2017

Working Porch Fire – 15 Vermont Street (Wheeling Island) 11/29/17

Working House Fire – 1901 Warwood Ave (Warwood) 11/27/17


About Our Photographers

Our photographers are not paid employees of the City of Wheeling, nor are they firefighters with the Wheeling Fire Department. The WFD allows them to be on fire/rescue scenes, as long as they conduct their business in a safe and professional manner. The photos & videos are used for training purposes, to aid investigators, and to create a historical record of what happened for the firefighters themselves. Our photos/videos are also given to local news agencies. We do not sell them to the local news agencies. All Wheeling's Bravest Photographers wear vests/shirts that say Fire Photographer on them and our primary Fire Photographer wears an ID card to be identified.